SDI Courses
The courses in the program of International Diving Organization SDI (Scuba Diving International) are intended for amateur divers. All courses include theoretical lessons, practical exercises, underwater trips with provided equipment and safe-guard. Professional diving instructors are responsible for preparing and managing all activities. The programs of SDI offer various trainings for beginners and advanced divers.
The prices include equipment and training, but certificates and additional materials should be paid.



Discovery scuba diving (instructor controls your buoyancy)        Price– 70 euro

Underwater divers walk for beginners. Under the guidance of a professional instructor, students can make their first dive and discover the mysteries of the underwater world. Good for adults and children more than 8 years old. Duration of the dive – 30 minutes.
You will receive a souvenir gift – your first underwater photos.

Open Water Scuba Diver   Course price -400 euro

                                                                              VIP COURSE+200 EURO
Beginners’ training program of SDI. This course includes basic theory and practice that any diver should catch up and master for diving in open waters.
The training consists of 5 to 7 dives to a depth of 18 meters under the guidance of an instructor. It is planned that within 3-4days most important exercises

Advanced Adventure Diver                Course price – 350 euro

Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver  Course price – 490 €

                                                                        VIP COURSE+200 EURO
Course for advanced divers in SDI program. This is the next higher level after Open Water Scuba Diver. To get certification at this level, except theoretical knowledge, divers must have at least 25 dives and should have completed 4 specialized courses. This course builds on skills that allow divers go up to 40 m depth in open waters.


DIVEMASTER                             Course price-700 euro

                                                            VIP COURSE+200 EURO

Specialized eligible courses
Deep Diver                                     Course price – 240 €
Specialized training for diving in waters with depth up to 40 meters. The most important  for this course is that it includes a lot of practicing. When diving in deeper waters one discovers different underwater world, but more risks exist. The purpose of training is to prepare divers for the specifics of this type of diving.
Dry Suit Diver                                 Course price – 240 €
Specialized course on diving with a dry suit. Getting well acquainted with  the suit itself and practicing.
Underwater Photography Diver        Course price – 240 €
Course in underwater photography. Training includes lessons on skills and techniques for taking pictures underwater – special attention is paid on peculiarities of lighting, and other equipment.
If students do not have a cam – they can rent one at the dive center.
Night & Limited Visibility Diver        Course price – 240 €
Short specialized course for diving at night and in limited and scanty visibility.

Underwater Navigation Diver        Course price – 240 €

Specialized training for underwater navigation. The course includes training on orientation by using underwater compass and natural landmarks.
Wreck Diver                                  Course price – 240 €
Short specialized course – the training is based on interesting walks around underwater shipwrecks and similar. People get familiar with peculiarities of this type of diving – special equipment, potential risks, how to avoid problems, that may occur etc.
Wreck Limited Penetration Diver    Course price – 240 €

Specialized course on a limited penetration in underwater objects and ships, aiming at teaching skills in diving in limited visibility, placing a line,  identifying the points of entry and exit and many other.

Rescue Diver                                  Course price – 400 €
Course in scuba rescue and emergency management – the training includes rules and techniques for self-rescue in case of problems, recognition of stress in other divers, response to signs of panic, supporting blocked divers underwater, fixing problems with the equipment or oxygen supply etc.


Search & Recovery Diver                    Course price – 240 €
This course covers effective techniques for searching underwater by means of compass and using natural landmarks. It includes lessons on various models in search of small and large objects, guidelines for planning the search and other activities.


Junior Open Water Diver    Course price -400 euro 
                                                                          VIP COURSE+200 EURO

This is a special training for children and young people (from 12 to 16 years old) on diving in open waters program of SDI. Tyro divers receive a little basic knowledge of diving and some practice in waters with depth up to 12 meters. In this course, as in all the others, all activities are guided and supervised by professional instructors.

Junior Advanced Open Water Diver      Course price – 400 €
                                                                          VIP COURSE+200 EURO
Advanced course for children – 12 to 16 years old. Once children have taken the course for beginners, they receive additional knowledge and practice. In this course training is focused on skills in diving (waters are with depth up to 20 m).
Other courses              Price
Advanced Adventure Diver           390 €
Shallow Water Scuba Diver          300 €
Shallow Water Scuba Experience  150 €
Master Scuba Diver                       350 €
CPR1st Administrator                   240 €
CPROX Administrator                    240 €
Equipment Specialist                    240 €
Advanced Buoyancy Diver            240 €
Future Buddies Program               150 €



Recreational Sidemount course-       3 days                          Price: 390 euro
Recreational Sidemount course+XDEEP Stealth 2.0                Price: 840 euro
Recreational Sidemount course+XDEEP Stealth 2.0 Tec          Price: 900 euro  
Recreational Sidemount course+XDEEP Stealth 2.0 Rec          Price: 860 euro
Pricelist for Sidemount equipment-XDEEP 
Sidemount XDEEP Stealth 2.0  Full set                        Price: 447 euro
Sidemount XDEEP Stealth 2.0 Tec Full set                  Price: 536 euro  
Sidemount XDEEP Stealth 2.0 Rec Full set                  Price: 469 euro

VIP COURSE+200 euro

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