Kalandra is a traditional settlement and seat of the homonymous local community of Kassandra municipality of Halkidiki regional unit. Its location is in the southwest of the town of Kassandra on the west coast of the homonymous peninsula. Its population is 674 permanent residents according to the 2011 census and most are engaged in agriculture (olives, cotton, corn), beekeeping, and tourism is a major source of income. Among other things there is a kindergarten, an all day kindergarten and a 6 day all day elementary school. Until recently, the Peonios football team was competing in the First Division of the Halkidiki EPS Championship. Active with events and activities throughout the year is the cultural association, which also has the name of the village, as well as the Parents and Guardians Association of the Kalendra Primary School. Calandra celebrates on August 23. The port of Kalandra, Posidi, is a tourist attraction, with many welcoming accommodations, taverns, cafes and bars by the sea.